Mat Wright

Saturday 03 August 2024

About the webinar

In today's diverse educational landscape, language teachers play a crucial role in fostering inclusivity within their classrooms. This webinar focuses on equipping language educators with practical strategies and insights to create an inclusive language learning environment. Topics include understanding the importance of inclusive language teaching, addressing bias and stereotypes, creating diverse learning materials, fostering cultural sensitivity, and implementing inclusivity on a day-to-day basis. Join us for actionable steps and thought-provoking discussions aimed at enriching teaching practices and promoting inclusive language learning experiences for all.

About the speaker

Zeny Zerfu is an accomplished educator and material writer dedicated to enhancing English language education in Ethiopia. With a passion for creating impactful educational resources, Zeny contributes extensively to the Teaching English Africa website, where her expertise in material writing has been instrumental in shaping effective learning tools.

As a teacher trainer for the English Connects program, Zeny combines her instructional skills with a deep commitment to empowering fellow educators. Her journey in this role has been marked by inspiring success stories, illustrating the transformative impact of the English Connects program on educators and students alike.

Balancing her dual roles as a material writer and teacher trainer, Zeny navigates the complexities of educational development with resilience and creativity. She highlights the collaborative spirit within the English Connects community as pivotal in overcoming challenges and fostering continuous professional growth.

Zeny's career exemplifies a steadfast dedication to advancing English language teaching through innovative resources and impactful training, making her a valued leader in the field of educational development in Ethiopia.


Saturday 3 August 2024


15:00 GMT See what time this is your location


60 minutes

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