Author: Adrian Tennant | Uploaded on 1 July 2022


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

I know, I want to know, I learnt’ gets learners to think about a topic before they read or listen to a text. It builds on what they already know and prepares them for what they are going to discover.

Stage 1 

Draw the following table on the board. Ask your learners to copy it down.

I know (K) I want to know (W) I learnt (L)

Stage 2 

Say: ‘You are going to read a text / listen to an audio to about <name of topic>. Before we start, write what you already know about this topic in column one.’

Stage 3 

Say: ‘Now write questions you would like answered in column two.’ Give an example. 

Stage 4 

Say: ‘As you read / listen, compare this information to what you have written in columns one and two. Think about your questions.’

Stage 5 

When the learners finish reading / listening say: ‘Now write what you learnt in the last column.’

Stage 6 

Put the learners in pairs / small groups and say: ‘Now compare what you wrote in your table. Add any new information to your own table.’ 

When your learners are familiar with the activity, it can be useful to focus them on their reading / listening. They are more active because they have a purpose.