Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 2 January 2023


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

Guided visualisation helps learners use their imagination and develop their creativity. It’s easy to set up and works really well with visual learners. I like to use it when my class get too noisy as it calms the learners down.

Stage 1 

Say: ‘Find a comfortable position to sit, relax and close your eyes.’

Tip: You don’t have to do this inside the classroom. You could find a nice place outside, for example.

Stage 2 

Say: ‘Listen to me.’ Read out a short text slowly, clearly and calmly. Here is a short text you could use or use one of your own. 

Stage 3 

Say: ‘Relax, breathe slowly and relax. As you relax you will be able to remember things clearly. Think of something in the past that made you happy. Picture it in your mind. Where are you? What is around you? What can you see? What can you hear? What can you smell? Who is with you? Look at their face, how do you feel? What is happening? Feel the moment. Enjoy the memory. Slowly open your eyes.’

Stage 4

Option 1 – Put the learners in pairs and say: ‘Share your memories with each other.’

Option 2 – Say: ‘Write down what you remember in as much detail as possible.’

Don’t pressure the learners to share if they don’t want to. Activities like this can often be very emotional.


Visual learners: Students who learn by reading or seeing pictures.

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