Author: British Council | Published on 1 August 2023


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

‘Move!' is an excellent activity to get learners moving and using their bodies. It’s great with low-level learners and for checking learners understand instructions and simple sentences.

Stage 1: Prepare

Decide on a series of instructions or actions you want your learners to do.

For example:

Stand up. Walk to the door. Touch the door handle. Turn around. Walk to the front of the class. Go back to your chair. Sit down. 


Wake up in the morning. Get up. Stretch. Yawn. Walk slowly to the bathroom. Brush your teeth. Wash your face.

Stage 2: Explain

Say to the class: ‘I’m going to read out some sentences. I want you to listen and then do the action in the sentence.’

Stage 3: Do

Read out the instructions one by one. Give the learners time to complete the action before reading the next.

While they do the actions, watch to see who does things correctly or who is copying the other learners.

Stage 4: Follow up

Put the learners in pairs and see if they can remember the sentences (either verbally or by writing them down). 

When the learners understand this activity, get them to say the instructions / actions.