Authors: Mary Oluyemisi Aina and Hafsah Temi Aminu (Nigeria) | Published on 1 March 2023



There are many ways we travel.


  • How do you come to school every day?
  • If you do not want to go on foot, how can you travel?
  • Does your father have a car?
  • Do you like horses?
  • Have you seen a truck before? 
  • Does your best friend ride a bicycle?

Stage 1: 

(a) Display pictures/videos of different types of road transportation.

(b) Show on a computer screen/projector pictures of a school/farm/market/church/ mosque/amusement park/football field/ hospital/birthday party, etc.

Stage 2: 

Ask the learners to say how they go these places and to match the types of transportation with the places.

Stage 3:

Use one of the methods below:


Show learners the Word Cloud below. Ask them to select a type of transportation and say where they can travel to. (


Touch this spinner and have pupils use the word displayed.


Create a wheel of words using coloured cards. (

Stage 4: 

With WordArt: Teacher clicks on a word in the WordArt image. Then asks learners to spell and pronounce the word.

With Wheel of Names: Teacher spins the cardboard wheel and the learners pronounce the word the pointer falls on.

Stage 5: Extend

i. Pupils are divided into groups (by gender or according to the first letters of their surnames). 

Give each group 2 minutes to list as many types of road transportation as they can. 

Dictate the words on the WordArt image / Wheel of Names to see which group gets the highest score.

ii. Give pupils a worksheet containing different pictures of various means of transportation (cars, trucks, airplane, bicycle, train, ship). Learners circle the transport systems that use roads.


Word cloud: visual display of the most prominent words in a text.

Wheel of names: A game to randomly pick vocabulary for learners' class activities.