Author: Deb Avery | Published on 1 March 2023


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

I like activities which give my learners an opportunity to communicate with each other. This activity gives them time to prepare before they speak. Because they work together in small groups, even shy learners can participate. This also helps my learners use correct question forms, practise tenses, and use nouns and actions.

Stage 1: Prepare

[use or draw a picture of five point star]

Draw a five point star on the board and write the following words at the tip of each point

  • can
  • like
  • have
  • used to
  • going to

Stage 2: Explain

Say: “You are going to write true statements about yourselves using the words on each point of the star. For example: ‘I can read a book’.”

Read the words on the board and elicit what each one means. E.g. Have = something they own; used to = something they did in the past; going to = something they have not yet done. Brainstorm some ideas for each of the guiding words.

Stage 3: Model

Use the star on the board and say and write sentences about yourself or one of the learners.

Say: “Make sure to use full sentences, e.g. ‘I like eating ice-cream.’”

Stage 4: Do individual work

Learners draw a five-point star in their notebooks like the one on the board.

They write 5 true sentences using each of the structures.

Circulate, monitor and support.

Stage 5: Do group work

Divide learners into small groups.

Say: “Take turns to say your sentences. Ask each other five questions about each of the sentences. e.g. If the sentence is “I can play football” ask “Where did you learn?” “What position do you play?”, etc. 

Extend the activity by eliciting some interesting information they learnt about their classmates. 

Make the game simpler for young or lower levels by drawing a square (4 sentences) or a triangle (3 sentences)