Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 February 2024


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

‘The energy we use' activity is a great way of raising awareness of what we use energy for and where it comes. Today we hear a lot about climate change on the news and this topic is becoming more and more important. When I use this activity with my learners I can see them learning far more than just English.

 Stage 1: Prepare

Either write up the following questions on the board, or dictate them to your learners.

  1. What is energy?
  2. What things do you have in your house that need energy? Make a list. 
  3. What kind of energy do each of these things use? (e.g. gas, electricity, wood etc.)
  4. Where does this energy come from? How is it made?
  5. Which of your electrical items could you live without? Which couldn’t you live without? 

Stage 2: Introduce

Put learners in groups and say: ‘Discuss the questions together. Make notes of your groups answers.’

Stage 3: Discuss

Monitor as they are discussing. Provide any vocabulary which might be useful. 

Stage 4: Share

Say: ‘Let’s share our answers together.’

Write up anything interesting on the board and try to reach a class consensus.

Using activities that include social issues is a good way of encouraging your learners to think about the world around them and to take personal responsibility for their behaviour and the decisions they make.


Monitor: The way a teacher watches to see how well an individual, group or class is doing a particular task.

Consensus: general agreement