Here you can access the SMILE Starter Grade 3 teacher's book, pupil's book, flashcards, and audio recordings.

The Teacher’s Book shows teachers how to present the language materials and teaching activities that appear in the Pupil’s Book. It is a guide to help teachers and gives step-by-step instructions for each lesson, the answers to all of the activities, and the tapescripts for the audio recordings.

The Pupil’s Book gives input lessons and activities for the pupils. The design is bright and colourful to motivate pupils. Teachers need to look at the Teacher’s Book to understand how each activity works, especially in Starter 1 as there is not very much text support in the other components.

The activities section gives pupils more practice of the contents of the Pupil’s Book. The activities should be used after the input lesson and not before it.

The SMILE series comes with flashcards. These are used to help support roleplays and storytelling, and identify key characters and ideas from the book. When flashcards are used, they are listed under the activity materials along with the number of flashcards that will be needed. Specific notes on how to use or distribute the flashcards are included in the lessons.

The audio component of Starter 3 aims to expose pupils to authentic English pacing, intonation, and pronunciation of the letters and sounds. They are available in MP3 format to ensure easy transfer to different players, especially smartphones. They require speakers. Directions on how to use each audio recording are explained in the teacher’s notes. For example, the audio should be stopped at certain points to give pupils a chance to respond.