Authors: Mary Oluyemisi Aina & Hafsah Temi Aminu (Nigeria) | Published on 1 August 2022


Read what a teacher says about this activity:

Teaching and learning letter ‘A / a’ can be problematic because of the lack of correspondence between its single form and its different forms of pronunciation: it can be pronounced as /æ/, /ɪ/, /eɪ/, /ͻ:/, /e/ and /a:/.

Stage 1: Prepare

Sing the song of the letters of the alphabet with the pupils. You can find the song on YouTube:

Note: You can download the song on your phone and play it for the pupils to listen to/watch and sing along.

The letters of the alphabet song:

A a  B b  Cc  D d // E e  F f  G g

H h  I I  J j  K k // L l  M m  N n O o P p

Q q  R r  S s  // T t U u V v 

W w X x // Y y Z z

Stage 2: Model

Display the letter in both upper and lower cases using cards held up by two pupils.

Stage 3: Naming of Objects Displayed in the Pictures

Teacher: Put the pupils in pairs. Ask one of them to touch a picture while their partner says the name of the object. This game goes on till every child has mastered all the names of the objects in the pictures and their pronunciation.

Note: Combining the written words and the corresponding pictures will make a more permanent impression in the pupils’ minds.

Get pupils to sing the song each time they hear the correct name of an object in a picture.


Letter Sound Picture Spelling / Word
Aa /æ/ use picture of an apple Apple
Aa /eɪ/ use picture of an ape Ape
Aa /eɪ/ use picture of an apron Apron
Aa /ͻ:/ use picture of a person on the phone Call
Aa /ͻ:/ use picture of a ball Ball
Aa /a:/ use picture of an arm Arm
Aa /e/ use picture of coins Many coins
Aa /ɒ/ use picture of a yacht Yacht
Aa /eə/ use picture of an aeroplane Aeroplane
Aa /ɪ/ use picture of an orange Orange

Make sure that the words are written each time pupils identify them and point out the letter and how it is pronounced.

Stage 4: Using Songs/Nursery Rhymes

Teacher: Ask the pupils in turns to point to a picture and sing a song that they know.  As the song is sung, the teacher points to the pictures on the chart that represent the letter. 

Stage 5: Teacher uses songs and nursery rhymes as shown below to teach the letter ‘Aa’


LETTER ‘A’:               

Let me have your a-a

Let me have your p-p                          

Let me have your p again- p

Let me have your l-l

Let me have your e-e


[Call them together]- APPLE  


My mother has an apron

She wears it in her kitchen                                                        

Apron, apron, apron                                            

It keeps my mother clean

a-p-r-o-n! apron


Orange, orange, orange

Soft and pulpy orange

Sweet orange

Sour orange

Sweet and pulpy orange.

NOTE: You can click on this link for the song: