A webinar poster
Saturday 26 March 2022 -
10:00 to 11:45

There is no such thing as a perfect textbook, and good teachers are always adapting. They adapt when they leave things out when they change the order of material in the book, when they turn an exercise into a game, and in 101 different ways. This webinar will explore creative strategies, such as simplifying, challenging, supplementing, adding, and replacing, that can help teachers adapt coursebooks to suit students’ needs and level, and also reflect their sociolinguistic realities. The objective of the webinar is to encourage teachers to explore their capacity for creativity and flexibility to make learning purposeful and interesting.

About the speaker 

Enow Njang Arrey Ebot is an ELT teacher at Government Technical College Ebang, Yaoundé, Cameroon. She teaches English Language to students of Electrical Engineering from the first year up to the fourth year, and also students of Accounting and Commerce from the first year up to the third year. She has been teaching for six years; three years in the general sector and three years in the technical sector of education.