A young boy planting a tree in a small garden

Mat Wright

Saturday 07 September 2024

About the webinar

In today's interconnected world, addressing climate change has never been more urgent. This webinar explores how Project-Based Learning (PBL) can empower language learners to become proactive contributors to environmental action. PBL integrates real-world tasks into the English Language Teaching (ELT) curriculum, fostering environmental literacy and activism while enhancing language skills through collaborative projects. Key takeaways include flexible assessment methods that emphasize process, opportunities for students to engage locally and globally on climate issues, interdisciplinary learning experiences, and the development of essential 21st-century skills like communication and critical thinking. Discover how PBL can inspire students to drive meaningful change in their communities and beyond.

About the speaker

Khadija is an enthusiastic teacher of English and Literature at Khadija Secondary School in Mombasa. An OPEN alumni, she has taken courses in educational technology and teaching for the future, and is also a proud SDG champion and climate action advocate. With a master’s in Educational Leadership and Management from Aga Khan University and ongoing studies at Mount Kenya University, she actively engages with the English Language Professional Association of Kenya (ELPAK). Through these initiatives, Khadija finds great fulfillment in enhancing educational practices and empowering educators worldwide, working towards making a meaningful difference in the field of education.


Saturday 7 September 2024


16:00 GMT See what time this is your location      


60 minutes

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