Discover the impact of Key Digital Skills, a 6-week online program offered by the British Council's English Connects programme in May 2023. This free course empowered teachers with essential digital skills, enabling them to create engaging presentations and master videoconferencing. Here are some inspiring testimonials from course participants about their transformative learning experience.

Testimonial by Emmanuel Nirina APPRY, Cote D’Ivoire

I recently completed the Key Digital Skills for Teachers Course offered by the British Council, and I am absolutely delighted with the learning experience! The course's delivery through an online self-access platform was seamless, and I wholeheartedly agree that it was easy to navigate and access the resources. Throughout the course, I found the content to be highly relevant and thoughtfully divided into accessible units, making it engaging and comprehensive. I strongly agree that the course met my expectations, and the duration was just right for me! The course's level of challenge was on par with what I expected, and I appreciated the balanced difficulty. The course material was well-organised and readily accessible, contributing to a seamless learning experience. One aspect I suggest improving is the accessibility of the videos. At times, it took too much time for the videos to load, even with a good internet connection. As a result, I had to rely on the PDF format. Enhancing the video loading speed would undoubtedly enhance the overall learning experience. As of now, I haven't had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained from the course in my day-to-day teaching. However, I am eagerly looking forward to implementing what I've learned once I get the chance. On a scale of 1 to 10, I wholeheartedly give this course an 8. It was a valuable learning experience, and I now feel more confident in my digital skills. I agree wholeheartedly that I would highly recommend this course to others. The content was not only relevant but also thoughtfully divided into manageable units, which made it highly accessible and engaging. While there were some minor issues with video loading, they did not detract significantly from the overall experience. I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the British Council for consistently providing enriching courses like this. I have attended several courses so far, and they have all been of exceptional quality. Given the tremendous value I've received from these courses, I see no reason not to continue participating in more courses offered by the British Council in the future! Thank you once again for this invaluable opportunity!

Testimonial by Sakinatu Musah, Ghana

I had the pleasure of participating in the Key Digital Skills Course with Gary Motteram as the moderator, and I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of the course and the learning experience it provided. The online format with a moderator was excellent, and I strongly agree that it was a great way to learn. Gary Motteram, as the moderator, was exceptional in his facilitation. The virtual sessions were engaging, and Gary's teaching style made the content easy to understand and apply in real-life scenarios. Throughout the course, I strongly agree that the content was relevant and well-structured. The course met my expectations and even exceeded them in some aspects. The virtual sessions were especially beneficial, providing a deeper understanding of the theory and practical applications of the digital skills. The course's clear objectives and well-designed modules made learning smooth and enjoyable. One of the strengths of the course was the ease of access to the next module after completing an immediate one. This seamless progression allowed me to stay engaged and motivated to continue learning. Upon completing the course, I was able to immediately apply my newfound knowledge. I strongly agree that the course enabled me to use a slideshow during a recent presentation, enhancing my teaching delivery and making it more interactive for my students. On a scale of 1 to 10, I confidently give this course a perfect 10! It was a comprehensive and rewarding learning experience that I would recommend to any educator looking to improve their digital skills. I would like to express my gratitude to the British Council for offering such valuable professional development courses. I will always recommend your courses to my colleagues and fellow educators. The course's impact on my teaching practice has been substantial, and I plan to enrol in more British Council Teacher Development courses to further enhance my personal development skills.

Testimonial by Chinenye Bernard-Nnabuike, Nigeria

I recently completed the Key Digital Skills Course offered by the British Council, and I must say it was an excellent learning experience! The course format was effective and engaging. Having Gary Motteram as the moderator added immense value to the course. I strongly agree that the virtual sessions were interactive, and Gary taught the content exceptionally well. He was very responsive and effectively addressed all our questions and concerns. Throughout the course, I found the content to be highly relevant and informative. I strongly agree that the course met my expectations and provided valuable insights into various digital skills. The course was slightly less challenging than I expected, but it offered a comprehensive coverage of essential digital skills. The virtual sessions and interactions with the moderator allowed me to learn new things, such as sharing screens and setting polls in a teleconference. These skills will undoubtedly enhance my teaching approach and classroom management. One of the strengths of the course was the opportunity to learn about inserting pictures into lesson plans, which will make my teaching materials more engaging and visually appealing. While I strongly agree that the course was valuable, I would like to suggest that future sessions be designed to cater to the needs of special learners. Inclusive practices would greatly benefit teachers in diverse classrooms. On the scale of 1 to 10, I wholeheartedly give this course a perfect 10! It provided valuable knowledge and skills that I am excited to implement in my teaching practice. I am eager to recommend this course to my colleagues and fellow educators. The course not only improved my digital skills but also instilled confidence in using technology effectively in the classroom. I am grateful to the British Council for offering such an impactful course. The desire to become more effective in teaching young learners drove me to take this course, and it has truly exceeded my expectations.

Testimonial by Adam Musa Usman, Nigeria 

I recently had the privilege of completing the British Council Key Digital Skills for Teachers course, and I can confidently say that it was an incredibly enriching experience! The course was delivered through an online self-access platform, which offered me the flexibility to access the content at my own pace – a convenience that fit perfectly with my busy schedule. The course content proved to be highly relevant to my teaching context, surpassing my expectations in terms of its quality and depth. The webinars and forums provided invaluable opportunities for interaction and learning from fellow participants, while the guidance of the moderator (whose name, unfortunately, was not mentioned) played a crucial role in steering our discussions effectively. One aspect that stood out for me was the prompt and constructive feedback I received from the moderator. This encouragement and guidance motivated me to put what I was learning into immediate practice in my day-to-day teaching. I appreciated the moderator's accessibility whenever I needed assistance or support throughout the course. The materials presented during the course introduced me to a plethora of new information, and I found myself dedicating approximately 40-60% of my time working diligently on the course. The learning platform's user-friendly design made navigating and accessing resources a seamless experience. From my perspective, the course's main strengths were its well-structured content, engaging webinars, and the sense of camaraderie among educators in the interactive forums. Although my experience was overwhelmingly positive, I would offer one suggestion for improvement: incorporating more live sessions for real-time engagement, which I believe would further elevate the learning experience. Since completing the Key Digital Skills course, I have already implemented the knowledge and skills I acquired in my teaching practice. By integrating digital tools into my lessons, I witnessed increased student engagement and enhanced learning outcomes – a transformation that has been truly rewarding. Wholeheartedly, I recommend this course, as well as other British Council online teacher development courses, to my colleagues and friends. The value of this experience has left a lasting impression, and I am genuinely excited about the prospect of registering for another British Council Teacher Development course in the future. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the British Council for providing such valuable professional development opportunities for educators like myself. The impact of this course on my teaching practice and professional growth has been truly remarkable. Thank you, British Council, for your unwavering commitment to empowering educators with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the digital age. I look forward to continuing this journey of growth and learning with your esteemed organisation.

Testimonial by Amina Ahmed, Nigeria

I recently completed the Key Digital Skills for Teachers Course, and I must say it was an excellent learning experience. The course was available as online self-access I found the content and structure to be highly effective. I strongly agree that the course was challenging, but it exceeded my expectations in a positive way. Spending 60-80% of my time on the course, I encountered new and exciting challenges that significantly contributed to my learning journey. The videos provided in the course were highly beneficial. I strongly agree that they helped me better understand the concepts and reinforced my learning. The interactive quizzes were also valuable in reinforcing the knowledge gained. One of the strengths of the course was the emphasis on practical application. I strongly agree that the course inspired me to think creatively about integrating digital skills into my teaching. For instance, I am now using colour pictures and digital storytelling to explain examples, drawing from the folk tales of our community. This has added a dynamic and engaging dimension to my classroom. I found the course structure to be well-organised and easy to follow. The materials were presented in a user-friendly manner, which enhanced my learning experience. On a scale of 1 to 10, I confidently give this course a 10! The challenges I faced only motivated me to explore more digitalised ways of imparting and gaining knowledge in my teaching practice. I strongly agree that I will recommend this course to my colleagues and peers. The course has been instrumental in expanding my digital skills, and I believe it can greatly benefit other educators as well. I want to extend my gratitude to the British Council for offering such a valuable and relevant course. The Key Digital Skills for Teachers Course has significantly improved my teaching practice and empowered me to use digital tools effectively. Thank you for this enriching opportunity, and I am eager to continue my professional development journey with the British Council in the future!

Testimonial by Denice Mutalemwa Deogratius,Tanzania 

My name is Denice Mutalemwa Deogratius, and I recently completed the British Council Key Digital Skills for Teachers course. Let me begin by expressing that this learning journey has been nothing short of outstanding! The course's delivery through an online self-access platform provided me with the flexibility to learn at my own pace, and I wholeheartedly agree that it proved to be both convenient and effective. The course content surpassed my expectations and proved to be nothing short of superb. It covered all the essential skills that a teacher needs to successfully implement 21st-century teaching methods. As an educator, I found the course immensely valuable for my professional development, equipping me with the necessary tools to thrive in today's digital age. Throughout the course, I devoted approximately 80-100% of my time to study, and I must say that the volume of material provided was just right, perfectly aligning with my expectations. The webinars and forums proved to be highly engaging and informative, playing a pivotal role in enhancing my overall learning experience. The knowledge and skills I acquired during the course have already found practical application in my day-to-day teaching practices. I now create engaging slides that I easily share with my students, and I utilise Microsoft Excel for streamlined and effective assessments – a significant enhancement to my teaching approach. One suggestion I have for future courses is to provide trainees with a copy of the presentation materials after the course. Such a provision would facilitate the sharing of valuable content with our colleagues and empower us to cascade the knowledge to other teachers, further amplifying the course's impact. I cannot emphasise enough how appreciative I am of the course moderator's exceptional support and prompt feedback. Their guidance played a crucial role in making this learning experience all the more rewarding. I strongly assert that the Key Digital Skills course is of utmost importance, and every teacher should have access to it. I understand that some teachers in Sub-Saharan African countries may face challenges in accessing such courses. In light of this, I recommend conducting more advertisements and awareness campaigns to increase attendance from educators in the region. Overall, the Key Digital Skills course has transformed my approach to teaching, and I wholeheartedly endorse it to all English Language professionals seeking professional growth and development. My gratitude goes to the British Council for providing this exceptional platform for teacher development. I eagerly look forward to participating in more of your esteemed courses in the future. Thank you, British Council, for empowering educators like me to excel in the digital era!