About the webinar

Over the last few months, members of the English Connects community of Practice group have discussed various ways in which different kinds of digital technology can be used to support language development and talked about a variety of tools. A session on Generative Artificial Intelligence has also taken place, and various posts were shared within the community about different tools that teachers could try.

Melissa Thompson did a recent webinar called Digital tools for penpalling in your classroom and presented a number of tools, like QR codes, Speakpipe.com and Padlet.com.

Kalkidan Almaw presented a webinar on gamification, in which she referred to a variety of online tools that she thought people should know about in order to transfer the skills from these tools to the classroom.

This session introduces a small selection of tools that attendees can incorporate into their face-to-face teaching, forming a blended approach. Participants received instructions in advance to download and interact with these tools, followed by collaborative lesson development during the webinar. This was a hands-on and practical session, emphasising active participation rather than a lecture-style format. 

About the speaker

Gary Motteram has been involved in a wide range of projects over many years that have addressed the topic of digitally supported learning. In his early work, he focused on language learning and the role of digital technologies in the classroom and published in this area. He then began to specialise in distance teacher education as his work at Manchester moved in that direction, and worked on a range of projects in Indonesia, Poland, Mexico and China, where working with teachers at a distance was the main emphasis.

Date recorded:

Friday 28 July 2023