This resource has been designed for secondary school English teachers working in Sub-Saharan African countries as part of the British Council English Connects programme. It contains supplementary teaching activities to complement your coursebook and your syllabus, not replace them. You do not need to read the units in any particular order. 

It aims to help you create learning opportunities for your students so you can actively engage with English in the classroom and improve their English skills as a result. 

It has been specifically created to enable learning to happen in large classes with little or no resources or technology. 

Each activity allows your students to engage with the language and there is a particular emphasis on speaking and groupwork to generate meaningful communication and collaboration. In large classes, you cannot possibly be everywhere, all the time, observing each student. The activities therefore aim to encourage students to interact with, support and even teach each other so that every learner is using the language and the lesson is less teacher-fronted and more student-focused. 

Select a topic, try out a technique or activity in your classroom and then reflect on how it went. Please share these with colleagues if you find that they work well with your students. 

Together, we can continue putting learners and learning at the centre of every lesson.