Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 July 2022


Question:When I ask a question, why is it always the same learners who answer?

Answer:The others may need time to think.

Try Think time to give all learners time to think and answer. 

Working alone

  • Give 30 seconds silent thinking time;
  • Give 30 seconds to make a few notes;
  • Give 30 seconds to check answers, e.g. in the book, on their mobiles.

⇒Checking answers develops independence and resourcefulness.

Working together

  • Give small groups 2-3 minutes to brainstorm ideas; 
  • Give pairs 2 minutes to discuss;
  • Use Think, pair, share.

⇒Discussing answers gives confidence. 

You should give all your learners a chance to answer!

Which Think time techniques will you try? 


Brainstorm: To suggest ideas quickly, before then considering them more carefully.

Resourcefulness: the ability to find quick