Author: Deb Avery | Published on 1 July 2022


Question: Does the classroom space affect inclusive learning? 

Answer: Yes it does. Think about how your classroom is arranged to maximise learning for all.

Inclusive learning supports learners who have special needs and encourages all learners to help in this process. 

[bw drawing of children sitting at groups of desks]

To include all learners in your classroom, use these strategies:

  • be aware of the needs of all your learners. Remember that some of these needs may be hidden. 
  • place learner desks in groups (2–4 desks per group) for co-operative learning.
  • seat learners with special needs close to the front of the classroom.
  • create a meeting area in the classroom for class discussions.
  • put learner work on the classroom walls.

How will you arrange your classroom?


Inclusive learning: Ensuring that all learners are involved in a lesson, whatever the difference in their abilities.

Co-operative learning: an instructional method in which students work in small groups to accomplish a common learning goal under the guidance of the teacher.