Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 August 2022


Question:Why is it important to have a variety of activity types in a lesson?

Answer: Because different learners learn in different ways. It also stops them becoming bored. 

Including a variety of activity types in a lesson:

  • stops learners becoming bored
  • supports different learning styles
  • develops all the skills 

One way you can categorise activities is as follows:

  • heads up
  • heads down
  • heads sideways

Heads up = learners are looking at the teacher or the board, or possibly doing a listening activity.

Heads down = learners are doing a task such as a reading, writing or an exercise in a coursebook.

Heads sideways = learners are speaking, possibly in pairs or groups.

How are you going to change your lessons to get a good balance of different activity types?