Question: Are stories a good way to teach language to learners? 

Answer: Yes. Stories are fun and enjoyable. 

Stories can be used in the classroom for many reasons, including: 

  • to teach language rules 
  • to develop prediction skills 
  • to link to prior knowledge 
  • to encourage positive values 
  • to inspire a love of reading. 

How do you choose appropriate stories to promote language learning?    

Make sure that the stories: 

  • include content which is relevant and interesting  
  • are an appropriate language level (just above the learners’ current level) 
  • are enjoyable (e.g. stories from their own culture, nice pictures, good characters) 
  • have a simple structure  
  • are the right length  
  • show positive values.  

What stories will you use with your learners?


Prediction: What you think will happen in the future. 

Positive values: The behaviours and attitudes which you want your learners to demonstrate. 

Prior knowledge: Things which learners already know before they come into the class, based on their own experiences and understanding.