Question: What makes an independent learner different? 

Answer: Independent learners want to discover answers for themselves. 

Independent learners, who work well with others and on their own, are more likely to succeed. They will perform better than learners who expect their teacher to always say the answer.  

Six key features of an independent learner are: 

  • well-organised 
  • divides tasks into steps 
  • asks questions  
  • tries 
  • listens to advice  
  • works well with others  

Discuss these ideas with your learners, and get them to think about their strengths and weaknesses as independent learners.  

What can you do to help your learners become more independent?  


Independent learner: A learner who is able to manage and organise themselves effectively. 

Strengths: What you are good at. 

Weaknesses: What you are not good at.  

Well-organised: Knowing what you have to do, and when.