Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 November 2023


Question: Why should teachers evaluate activities? 

Answer: To make sure the materials are suitable for our learners. 

Good classroom materials should:

  • be at the right level
  • be interesting
  • be culturally appropriate
  • include a variety of activities

To evaluate materials and check their suitability, we should use a checklist with a set of criteria. We should ask whether the materials:

  • are easy to use
  • are suitable for different learning styles 
  • have an attractive layout
  • are well organised
  • have clear aims / learning outcomes

Having a list of criteria is important because you can compare different materials using the same criteria. Your decisions will also be objective.

When will you use these criteria to evaluate materials?


Evaluate: appraise

Criteria: The information or tool used to measure progress or understanding.

learning styles: There are 4 main learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Kinaesthetic

learning outcomes: learning objective 

objective: goal

culturally appropriate: culturally relevant