Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 February 2023


Question: Why is it important to give learners effective feedback?

Answer: So they know whether they are right or wrong, and how they can improve. 

Feedback is an important part of any lesson. You can give learners feedback during or after activities. 

Learners need to know when they get things right as well as when they make mistakes. When they make mistakes, they need to understand:

  • what the mistake is
  • why they made it
  • how they can correct it

Feedback also needs to be given sensitively. Don’t embarrass a learner in front of their friends.

Sometimes lots of learners make the same mistakes. If this happens, you can do class correction. You should also consider re-teaching this topic. 

How can you make sure the feedback you give your learners is effective?


Sensitively: in a way that is quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.

Embarrass: cause (someone) to feel awkward