Question: How can I help my learners better understand listening texts? 

Answer: Try to predict any problems they might have and use feedback so you know what they find difficult, and how you can help.  

It’s challenging sometimes to know why listening is difficult. Here are some things you can do to find out.  

  • Listen to the audio before the lesson, anticipate problems and plan how you can manage these challenges. 
  • Walk around as learners listen, and notice which questions they are finding difficult. 
  • Ask learners to compare answers in pairs or small groups before checking with the whole class.  
  • If an answer is wrong, ask learners to say what they heard. Look at the audio script and look for reasons. Discuss any misunderstandings. 
  • After the lesson, think about what you could do differently next time to support learners and help them feel more confident.  

Which tips will you try to help learners listen more successfully?


Feedback: Information about how or how well a learner has done something.