Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 February 2024


Question: How can I encourage my learners to speak English without saying ‘Speak English!’ all the time?

Answer: Try recasting.

Recasting is repeating in English what the learner has said in their own language (L1) without any negative comments.


Learner (in Yoruba): Mi o ni ikọwe. (= I don’t have a pencil)

Teacher: Do you need a pencil? Who has a pencil for Abioye? 

You can also use recasting to change what the learner has said in English into better English.


Learner: Me no understand.

Teacher: OK, so you don’t understand what to do.

Which class are you going to try recasting with? 


Yoruba: a language spoken in West Africa, primarily in Southwestern and Central Nigeria

Recasting: remodeling