Authors: Kehinde Pedro Amore and Nnenna Onyenahazi (edited by Linda Ruas) | Published on 11 April 2024


Question: How can teachers communicate effectively? 

Answer: By prioritising clarity and checking

Here are some tips/ideas on how to make our communication more effective:

  • Always plan instructions and use clear, simple, direct language, devoid of ambiguity and superfluousness; and don’t forget to check the instructions are understood
  • Choose the most appropriate mode of instruction or communication: is it better to communicate orally or in writing? In formal or informal style? Via WhatsApp or email?
  • Consider the most suitable genre for your communication: a formal letter, a story, a list, a poster – which would achieve the desired effect best?
  • Acknowledge any grapevines and try to use them to your advantage, but avoid gossip, be careful and thoughtful with what you say, and encourage open communication
  • Use social media wisely and thoughtfully – think about who will see the post and what effects the post might have 
  • Remember that communication can be verbal or non-verbal: our gestures and facial expressions communicate just as much, if not more
  • We all need to listen at least as much as we speak