Author: Happiness Oghoghome Uttah | Published on 1 February 2024


Question: How can I integrate technology in my lesson plan to promote writing skills?

Answer: By using computer applications to enhance writing lessons


Ways in which we can integrate technology in each stage of writing lessons include:

Engaging warm-ups with multimedia tools

Plan warmer exercises to capture the attention and interest of your learners with multimedia by using videos, pictures, sound, games and animation from tools like, Class Dojo, Kahoot and Blooket

Graphic mind-mapping for pre-writing

Use mind-mapping strategies like flow charts, which teach learners to identify and connect major ideas for a topic or subject matter in paragraphs. By infusing graphic images through slides, teachers can give room for suggestions, opinions and discussions before drafting an essay, report, or article, and also analyse plot and characters in a play script or story. Tools like,, Microsoft PowerPoint (, Google Slides and Smart Art Graphics in Microsoft Word aid this pre-writing stage.

Narrative creation with assessment rubrics

Encourage learners to create their own narrative/ story with an illustrated assessment rubric sample using apps like or Microsoft Teams, (which is in sync to other Microsoft Office 365 tools for Education. Incorporate self-assessment or co-assessment amongst their teams/peers with a specific audience in mind, so as to narrow the scope of the content and choice of vocabulary in aiding understanding. This can be done as either an individual or a group-based task to promote collaboration, critical thinking and communication and interpersonal skills.

Digital book creation for story development

Learners can create their own stories and ideas on a topic starting with outlines through the use of a Book Creator App to create digital books with narration. Also, for story development learners can record their voices while reading their work to develop their speaking and presentation skills. Set up reminders and deadlines for a general class group review of the stories or essays on the topic learners created.

Feedback and analysis through digital platforms

Analyse, critique and give feedback using Microsoft Team Channels and Microsoft Forms for. File share, edit and survey reviews.

Incorporating video game technology in writing

For a digital classroom, you can also infuse video-game technology to teach writing with the use of intriguing apps like Minecraft, or Roblox. Learners can create a narrative based on a fictional story model with their favourite game character.  This would aid character development and plot arrangement.