Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 February 2024


Question: Why should learners be involved in managing the lesson?

Answer: To give them more responsibility and make the lesson more learner-centred. 

In many classrooms the teacher does many of the tasks. But why? Even with the youngest learners it’s easy to involve them in managing the lesson.

Learners can:

  • clean the board 
  • write up the day and date on the board
  • take the register
  • collect in / return homework
  • keep the time for activities

and lots of other routine tasks.

When you involve learners in these types of tasks, they often gain a feeling of responsibility. 

Make sure you don’t always get the same learners to do the same tasks. Try and rotate tasks and make sure that all learners get a turn.

How will you involve your learners in managing the lesson?