Author: Deb Avery | Published on 1 July 2023


Question: Why do we use play to teach young learners language?

Answer: They enjoy it, and are fully involved in the learning process.

Play is very important to young children. Teachers should encourage learning through play as much as possible.

For example, when you introduce new vocabulary, use some of these play activities before learners try to read the new words:

  • teach a song or chant with the new vocabulary
  • tell a story using the vocabulary
  • learners act out the story using the new words
  • play a circle game to practise the vocabulary
  • learners copy the new words using modelling clay or drawing pictures.   

What will you do to make your classroom more playful? 


Circle game: a group activity to make all students participate

Modelling clay: modelling compound used in building and sculpting