Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 September 2023


Question: Can I make my lessons learner-centred when the class size is large and there’s not much space? 

Answer: Yes. Just a few small changes can really make a difference. 

Although it is difficult in some teaching situations to make lessons learner-centred, it is possible. 5 ideas are given below: 

  1. Learning outcomes: State what learners will be able to do, not what you will teach. 
  2. Lesson planning: Plan what learners will do, not what you will do.
  3. Your role: Guide, monitor and help, don’t lecture.
  4. Your learners’ role: Give them opportunities to be active participators and contributors, not passive receivers of knowledge. 
  5. Use pair and group work: E.g. ask learners to compare answers and ideas.

These are just 5 changes to make your lessons learner-centred – can you think of more?