Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 September 2023


Question: How can I prepare my learners for tests in a fun way? 

Answer: Use interactive activities. 

Many tests include question types such as gap-fill, multiple-choice, matching and short answers. But learners can get bored just sitting and writing answers to these questions. Below are 3 ideas on how to practise these questions in a fun and interactive way: 

Team quiz

Teams write quizzes with different questions types, e.g. 3 true/false questions, 2 multiple-choice and 2 short answer questions.

Gap-fill pair work 

Write a short text. Make 2 copies: text 1 has 5 verbs missing; text 2 has 5 nouns/adjectives missing. Half the class fills the gaps in text 1; half in text 2. Pairs check their answers. 


Do a mingle in the yard. Give each learner a piece of paper with some text. They find their match. 

Opposites: e.g. ‘tall’ and ‘short’. 

Chunks: e.g. ‘listen to’ and ‘the radio’.  

Sentence transformation: e.g. ‘She is taller than him’ and ‘He is shorter than her.’ 

These are just 3 activities to make test practice fun – can you think of more?


Gap-fill: a practice exercise in which learners have to replace words missing from a text

Multiple-choice: an assessment in which respondents are asked to select only correct answers from the choices offered as a list

Mingle: A type of task in which students move about the room and speak to other students at random.

Chunks: a part of something, especially a large part