Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 2 January 2024


Question: Why do learners sometimes misbehave in class?

Answer: There can be many reasons, but often it’s because they find the lesson too easy or too hard. 

For many teachers, discipline is the main concern. Discipline problems can be divided into two categories:


  • shouting
  • refusing to do an activity
  • fighting


  • not paying attention
  • arriving late
  • looking out of the window

There are many ways to manage discipline problems. One good way is to create a contract with your learners in which they are part of the process of agreeing classroom rules. 

When you do have a discipline problem, it is useful to ask yourself the question: Why is she / he behaving like that? If you can understand this, the problem is much easier to solve. 

How can you change the way you manage learners’ behaviour?


Contract: agreement