Author: Deb Avery | Published on 1 February 2024


Question: Can you teach more than one grade effectively at the same time?

Answer: Yes - teachers can use group teaching skills to teach multigrade/multilevel classes.

Multigrade/multilevel classes have two or more year groups in one classroom. This is common in many schools. 

Although it can be challenging, if teachers of multigrade/multilevel classes are organised, good learning can take place. You need to:

  • plan lessons and assessment in advance
  • manage the classroom seating
  • look for common topics and create different activities for each grade
  • develop a positive classroom climate

At times, you might also teach one grade while the other grade works on independent activities.

What would you change in order to teach a multigrade/multilevel class effectively? 


Multigrade/multilevel class: a class where there is more than one grade in the room