Question: Is it possible to monitor each learner’s progress in large classes? 

Answer: Yes!  

When teaching large, mixed-level classes, monitoring individual progress is difficult, but not impossible. 

1. Where possible, plan your lessons to include:  

  • group/pair work 
  • peer/self-assessment.  

You’ll have more time to move around and monitor. 

2. Make a simple chart.  

  • Each lesson choose four or five learners. 
  • Make notes about them, e.g. how they behave, what they find difficult. 

You can think about how to support them or how they can help others. 

You can monitor if you make it part of your lesson planning. 

What can you do to monitor all the learners in your class?


Monitor: The way a teacher watches to see how well an individual, group or class is doing a particular task. 

Peer assessment: When learners give each other feedback about how well they have done something.  

Self-assessment: When a learner thinks about how good they are at something.