Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 November 2023


Question: Why should we plan more than one lesson at a time?

Answer: So we can recycle and review learning. 

Every activity in a lesson should help achieve the overall lesson aim. Similarly, every lesson should help build on what has been learnt previously. Lessons should not be seen as single events, but as connected to each other. 

If your lesson time is short, this approach really helps because it’s difficult to teach many different skills in a short time. The topic can stay the same, but each lesson can focus on a different skill. For example, if the topic is health, different lessons could focus on: 

  • a listening at a doctors
  • a speaking role-play (between a doctor and patient)
  • a reading about healthy eating 
  • grammar looking at modal verbs for giving advice 

How will you plan a series of lessons?