Question: Why should you plan your board work? 

Answer: It will be more organised and help learners more.  

The board is probably the most useful teaching resource in your classroom. When planning lessons, think about how you will use it.  

You can use the board for many purposes: 

  • writing instructions for or answers to activities 
  • spelling new vocabulary 
  • writing example sentences 
  • drawing pictures to explain new vocabulary 
  • giving instructions. 

Dividing your board into sections can help you and your learners. For example:

Instructions/Answers Vocabulary
Other information

Some information can be left on the board for the whole lesson. Other information can be cleaned when it is no longer needed. 

How will you use your board more effectively?


Teaching resource: Anything that can be used in a classroom to provide learning material. This can include books, stories, music, pictures and even the teacher and learners themselves.