Author: Deb Avery | Published on 2 January 2024


Question: Can you help your learners develop positive behaviour both in and out of class?

Answer: Yes – by promoting the same values and behaviour at all times through the school. 

These school-wide strategies can help build a positive school environment:

Choose core values and actively promote them, e.g. honesty, kindness, care. 

Clearly display the values around the school e.g.

  • Be safe
  • Be responsible 
  • Be respectful 

Shift the focus away from always looking for bad behaviour – look for good behaviour instead. 

All staff, teachers and visitors can reinforce good behaviour e.g. by giving out cards which say 'I caught <learner name> being good!'

Use positive language and body language when speaking to learners.

Give learners responsibilities and discuss the consequences if they don’t take them seriously.  

All teachers and other staff need to be role models.

How will you encourage your learners to behave positively?


positive behaviour: polite conduct

core values: principles

reinforce : support

responsibilities: the opportunity or ability to act independently

consequences: results