Question: Why are recycling and reviewing important? 

Answer: To make sure learners remember what they have learned.  

Learners don’t remember everything they are taught, especially in school when they study so many different subjects. So it’s important to recycle and review what they have learned. 

You can do this: 

  • at the start or end of a lesson 
  • during the lesson 
  • by giving homework connected to the lesson. 

Recycling and reviewing doesn’t mean repeating the same activities. It means trying to get your learners to use what they have learned in a different way.  

It’s useful to review and recycle using: 

  • games 
  • quizzes  
  • pair work. 

Do you recycle and review with your learners?


Recycling: Practising language that has already been learned but re-introducing it in a new context or with a different skill. 

Reviewing: Revising and practising language that the learners have already studied, to help them remember it better.