Author: Deb Avery | Published 1 December 2022


Question: Can teenagers learn without any support from the teacher?  

Answer: No. Although teenagers can work more independently than young learners, they still need to be motivated by the teacher. 

Teenagers learn best in a positive and safe classroom climate. Teenagers need more freedom than younger learners. However, they still need guidelines. 

How do you develop a positive classroom climate for teenage learners? Try some of these strategies:

  • Know and use the learners’ names. 
  • Listen to learners’ views and opinions. 
  • Ask learners what activities they like. 
  • Tell learners the objectives of each lesson.
  • Give appropriate correction. 
  • Establish class norms and routines. 
  • Re-group learners regularly. 
  • Use humour. 

What will you do to create an environment that encourages teenagers to learn? 


Independent: a learner who can take responsibility for their own learning

Motivated: excited to learn and participate

Classroom climate: classroom environment

correction: a change that fixes a mistake

Class norms: the behavioral expectations or rules of the class