Question: How can I help learners who face different learning challenges? 

Answer: Help them set personal learning goals.  

In large, mixed-level classes, it’s difficult for you to help each learner. So help them to help themselves. 

  • Say: ‘Think about today. What went well? Why?’ (e.g. My speaking because I spoke with my partner and she understood me).  
  • Ask: ‘What did not go well? Why not?’ (e.g. My reading because I had four wrong answers). 
  • Ask: ‘What is your goal?’ (e.g. Be good at reading). 
  • Ask: ‘How will you reach your goal? What will you do? When?’ (e.g. Read the story again at home). 
  • Say: ‘Tell your partner.’  
  • Say: ‘Write it in your notebook.’ 
  • Next time, ask learners what they did, and set new goals. Elicit or give learners examples to start. 

Which class will you try this with?


Elicit: How a teacher gets information from learners, e.g. asking questions, prompting.