Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 December 2023


Question: Where can I find supplementary materials?

Answer: Nowadays there are lots of sources: other textbooks, supplementary books; the Internet; worksheets ... 

While textbooks can be good, there are times when you need extra material to help your learners. This might happen because:

  • they need more practice
  • they need to develop a skill more
  • the material in the textbook is too difficult
  • the material in the textbook is too easy 
  • the exercises in the textbook have already been completed

While one answer might be to write your own materials for your learners, this can take time and be challenging

Here are some ideas of where you might be able to get more materials:

  • if your school has a library there might be other materials there which could be used / adapted
  • ask your colleagues if they have any books at home
  • talk to an organisation in your country like the British Council and look at their website
  • find out if there is a Teachers’ Association
  • go online – many publishers have free downloadable worksheets

Where will you try to find supplementary material?


Supplementary: additional

Source: a book or document

Challenging: difficult

Downloadable: able to be copied from one computer system to another or to a disk