Question: Can you include physically disabled learners in mainstream classrooms? 

Answer: Yes, but you will need to think about how your classroom is arranged.  

Physical disabilities can be severe (e.g. requiring a wheelchair), or they can be minor (e.g. becoming tired when writing or being unable to sit up straight for long). 

Sometimes just a few small changes to your classroom can significantly help these learners to participate.  

Some strategies which can help include: 

  • arranging the room so that learners who need crutches or wheelchairs can move around easily 
  • providing a larger desk if necessary 
  • setting up a buddy system where a classmate helps to fetch books, takes notes, etc. 
  • providing extra time to complete tasks if necessary 
  • allowing them to enter and exit the classroom first 
  • being flexible. 

How could you include physically disabled learners in your classroom?


Buddy system: Pairing classmates together to provide support, advice or guidance to each other.  

Mainstream: The standard system of state school education which most learners participate in. 

Physically disabled: A limitation to what a person is able to do with their body.