Question: Can you include learners who are visually impaired in mainstream classrooms? 

Answer: Yes. With sufficient support, learners who can’t see well can participate and learn effectively. 

It may not be obvious if a learner is visually impaired. Some learners may be sensitive to light or have blurred vision, which affects their learning. The classroom environment has a significant impact on the success of learners with poor eyesight.  

Ensure that:  

  • the space is clear and tidy so that learners can move freely and safely 
  • resources which are used regularly are kept in the same place 
  • these learners sit closer to the board so they can see easily 
  • the lighting is as good as possible (e.g. open window blinds)  
  • the writing on the board is large and clear  
  • activities don’t just use sight, but hearing, smell, taste and touch as well.

What strategies will you try?


Mainstream: The standard system of state school education which most learners participate in. 

Visually impaired: Having difficulties with seeing.