Author: Deb Avery | Published on 2 January 2024


Question: Can grouping your learners in different ways for different activities help them learn more effectively?

Answer: Yes! Working with different learners helps develop communication and collaboration skills. 

You can divide classes in different ways. For example:  

  • randomly
  • by letting them choose
  • with you deciding the groups

Ways in which you can make groups include: 

  • Assigning learners numbers, then saying all ‘1’s form a group, ‘2s’, ‘3s’ etc.
  • Give learners half of a phrase, idiom or sentence. They form pairs with their ‘other halves’.
  • Distribute words and their opposites / synonyms – learners find their partner.
  • Group according to same levels of experience.
  • Group less experienced learners with those more experienced. 

You should vary your groups for different types of activities. 

What strategies will you try?