Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 May 2023


Question: How can I help learners remember all the vocabulary when there are new words in every unit of the book?

Answer: Keep a vocabulary box and use it regularly.

 At the end of each lesson ask 2 different learners to write 3–5 new words on cards and put them in the box. They could also write or draw the meaning and/or translation and an example sentence on the back.

[show 1 x b/w images of front of card: front of card text ‘sleeve’; 1 x b/w image of back of card: b/w drawing of ‘T-shirt’ and ‘shirt’ and text ‘The T-shirt has short sleeves. The shirt has long sleeves’.]

You can then use the cards to regularly review vocabulary in different ways, for example: 

  1. Pick words from the box, give the meaning and ask for the word. This can be done in teams.
  2. Give different groups a few words. Tell them to write true sentences using the words.
  3. Play Pictionary: give 1 learner a word (nouns are easiest), they draw a picture on the board and the rest of the class tries to guess what the word is. This can be done in teams.
  4. When you have a lot of cards, give some to each group. Ask them to:
  • separate them into verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc.
  • group them into topics, e.g. sports, food, family, etc.

With time, you will find new and different ways to review vocabulary.

How will you use your vocabulary box to review and practise words with your learners?


Unit: A smaller part of something big (e.g. a section of a book). 


Regularly: at regular intervals