Author: Adrian Tennant | Published on 1 July 2023


Question: How can flashcards be used in the classroom?

Answer: They are most commonly used when teaching vocabulary. 

Imagine you are teaching your learners the word ‘rocket’. What is the easiest way to make sure they understand the word?

  • a definition
  • the real thing
  • a picture / flashcard

[a/w – a picture showing a teacher holding up a flashcard of a rocket in space]

The easiest is to show a picture / flashcard. 

Make sure the pictures you use for flashcards are clear and not ambiguous

Flashcards can be used to:

  • teach new words
  • check understanding
  • recycle and revise
  • play a game

You and your learners can make your own flashcards. You can:

  • draw your own pictures
  • find pictures in magazines
  • find pictures on the internet

When will you use flashcards in your class? 


Ambiguous: doubtful or uncertain