Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 September 2022


Question: How can you find out how well your learners understand?

Answer: Use prompts.

What happens when you ask the class a question? Often, one or two strong learners answer.

Does everyone know the answer? Does everyone understand? How well do they understand? Do you know?

Use prompts to find out how well your learners understand. 


Teacher: One banana, two?

Learners: Bananas!


Teacher: One rice, two?

Learners: No, some rice!


Teacher: Norbert, why some rice?

Norbert: Rice is uncountable.


Teacher: Yes. Can you give me another example of an uncountable noun?

Norbert: Watermelon?


Teacher: Johanna, what do you think about Norbert’s answer?

Johanna: Hmm I’m not sure.


Teacher: Vincent, what do you think?

Vincent: I think it’s wrong.


Teacher: Why do you think that?

Vincent: We can say 2 watermelons, so no.


Find out how well your learners understand and build understanding together!

When and why will you use prompts? 


Prompt: When you encourage a learner by giving a clue or sharing some language to help them give an answer.

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