Author: Deb Bullock | Published on 1 March 2023


Question: How can you help your primary learners assess learning objectives?

Answer: Tell them what you’re looking for.

Learning objectives aren’t always clear to young children. They may not understand what to do, or what you want. 

WILF is a child-friendly way to make learning objectives clear.

  • At the start, write the objective / can-do on the board, e.g. I can work in a team.
  • Then write:





  • and say, “What I’m looking for”.   

Elicit ideas – e.g. “We have to help each other”. Write up all the things you’re looking for. For example:

I can work in a team.

I listened to my friends. Yes ☐ Some ☐ No ☐

I shared an idea. Yes ☐ Some ☐ No ☐

I helped my friends. Yes ☐ Some ☐ No ☐]

During the activity, point to WILF. Your learners can then self- and peer-assess. You could even make a poster. 

Which classes will you try WILF with?  


Learning objective: learning outcomes

Can-do: action points