About the webinar

This presentation describes three types of assessment with a focus on Assessment for learning. It highlights the benefits both the learners and the teacher can get from it. Indeed it is learner-oriented and is not concerned about scores or grades. Assessment for learning strategies constitutes an effective tool to help students monitor their learning. Learners can progress over time thanks to continual feedback. Our intention is to share strategies and ideas that are most likely to promote learning and foster learner autonomy. We are convinced that Assessment for learning is conducive to effective learning and positively impacts the teaching/learning process.

About the speaker

Massamba Seck is a seasoned qualified high school teacher of English from Senegal with over twenty years of experience. Massamba earned an M.A in English Grammar and a Master’s degree in Linguistics from Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar. Thanks to the English Connects Programme, he attended a special training for pedagogy, language and culture by well-regarded International House from the UK. He has recently been selected to pilot classroom resources in Senegal in collaboration with the British Council and the Ministry of National Education. He strongly believes in the benefits of Continuing Professional Development. 

Date Recorded

Sunday 21 May 2023