About the webinar

Teaching is a highly important profession, and as the world evolves and advances technologically, there is a need for teachers to also consistently stay abreast of pedagogical best practices in order to meet the needs of the 21st-century learner. The ‘all-consuming’ nature of the job however makes it difficult or inconvenient for teachers to undergo regular in-service training. In certain instances, where teachers attend trainings, there is relative apathy to implement the newly acquired knowledge or lack of sustainability and things often return to the status quo.

This webinar highlighted the importance of continuous professional development as a tool for personal and community growth and outlined some steps that can be taken to create and execute a professional development plan. 

In addition, it will map out strategies that help ensure that all acquired knowledge is actually put into practice for the benefit it was intended rather than allowed to lay fallow in the minds of the trainees with only certificates as evidence of participation in such trainings.

In conclusion, the webinar ignited a sense of renewed purpose and promote the ideals of continuous learning and belonging to a community of practice.

About the speaker

Rasheedat Sadiq is an English Language teacher, literacy advocate and reading coach. She serves as Language Teacher and Academic Coordinator at ICICE Al Noor Academy, Abuja, Nigeria. Rasheedat also trains teachers on learner-centred pedagogy with a focus on utilizing emotional intelligence to derive learning outcomes.

Date recorded:

29 October 2022