About the webinar

Watch our webinar with Obaje Chogu Ekele on Digital literacy and teaching English: exploring what teachers need to know and discover how to effectively integrate digital tools into your language teaching practice. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital technologies in remote learning, but it's essential to approach their use critically. The webinar covers digital literacy, citizenship, and communication, as well as high-tech solutions like wireless displays, Bluetooth speakers and more. 

About the speaker

Obaje Chogu Ekele is an experienced educator from Nigeria. Obaje has spent over 21 years teaching in the classroom, shaping the minds of young students in Nigeria. Ekele earned a Master's Degree in Education from the University of Jos, Nigeria. Currently, Obaje is participating in a British Council Connecting Classroom program with Llamwhern High School Newport, Wales as their partner school. Obaje holds certifications under British Council connecting classrooms in Digital Literacy, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, and Core Skills. Obaje's passion for education and desire to improve the quality of education has led them to participate in this exchange program, allowing him to gain new insights and knowledge from his British counterpart. Obaje's dedication to education and commitment to improving his skills make him a valuable asset to the teaching community.

Date recorded:

Saturday 15 April 2023