About the event

Last year, we worked closely with fantastic teachers and teacher educators from Ethiopia, Sudan, Nigeria, and Senegal to carry out action research projects focused on studying gender dynamics in their classrooms. Saturday 28 October 2023 marked the official launch of their publication titled 'Exploring Gender in the African Classroom, which contains the valuable insights they collected. This one-day event provided a unique opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the world of classroom action research and to meet the researchers who contributed to this project but also with their mentors who supported them on their journeys as teachers/researchers. 

Session  Outline  Recording
Session 1: Introducing Classroom Action Research In this session, participants delved into the fundamental concepts of action research. Panelists introduced the principles and methodologies of action research, emphasizing its importance in educational contexts. The session provided a solid foundation for understanding the key components of action research. https://youtu.be/ch9wFLuJt2I
Session 2: Engaging with Classroom Action Research During this session, participants gained insights into the personal journeys of the teachers/ researchers who embarked on action research projects. Panelists shared their experiences, from project initiation to the selection of topics, with a focus on why they chose to explore gender dynamics in their classrooms. The session also delved into the data collection methods used and the significance of addressing gender-related issues in educational settings. https://youtu.be/yfYlbl9D9rE
Session 3: Insights and the Impact of Classroom Action Research The final session showcased the tangible outcomes of action research projects. Panelists presented their findings and discoveries, highlighting the direct impact on their teaching practices and classrooms. Attendees gained insights into the action plans derived from these research efforts and how they have been or will be implemented. The session also explored the broader implications of their work on education regionally and beyond. https://youtu.be/8wbDT1b9lq4

About the panelists

The workshops were led by Steve Diop, the English Connects Open Learning Manager in Sub-Saharan Africa. The group of panelists includes 15 teachers /researchers and mentors.

Full name Role Country of residence
Dr. Christiana Ijeoma Ajaps  teacher /researcher Nigeria
Dorcas Amayo Barnabas teacher /researcher Nigeria
Kikelomo Olusola Adeniyi teacher /researcher Nigeria
Rasheedat Sadiq teacher /researcher Nigeria
Olatunde Adeyemi Ojerinde  teacher /researcher Nigeria
Hammed Olalekan Lawal teacher /researcher Nigeria
Ibrahim Ishaya teacher /researcher Nigeria
Issa Tidiane TOUNKARA teacher /researcher Senegal
Moussa Ngom teacher /researcher Senegal
Babacar Gueye Diouf  teacher /researcher Senegal
Marjolaine De Secondat Napel teacher /researcher Senegal
Khoudia Ngom teacher /researcher Senegal
Sara salah abdelrheem teacher /researcher Sudan
Mayyada Assadig Mentor Sudan
Sarah Balogun Mentor Nigeria
Aliyi Hassen Mentor Ethiopia

Date recorded:

Saturday 28 October 2023

Download a copy of the publication using the following link: https://africa.teachingenglish.org.uk/education/publications/exploring-g...